About Whatleigh, your sleddog Musher

Whatleigh Torsey, owner of BBSDA llc has been mushing for over eleven years. She recently converted her racing teams into dog sled tour teams. The dogs love the new challenges, with the added fun of having kids and people of all ages to pet and appreciate them.

Whatleigh started the kennel with the purchase of her current home on 11 acres in 1999. The first few dogs, just puppies then, are still with us. Additional adult dogs were added, adopted from other kennels. Pretty soon the team took shape and those first winters of running 4 dog teams were a dream come true.

Soon Whatleigh was hooked, and more dogs were purchased, a few litters bred and the kennel grew. As of the winter of 2010-2011 Barking Brook was 25 dogs. 20 are in harness, 5 are retired.

Whatleigh started racing in the skijor class and despite being a terrible x-country skier competed in the Sandwich Notch 15 mile skijor. She now is very familiar with every facet of the Sandwich Notch terrain!

After that she moved up to the 30 mile sled classes. Her favorite race is the Sandwich Notch 30. Her last race, the Greenville 30, she did while 7.5 months pregnant. Her team consistently placed well, always doing extremely well for a kennel that has always kept the same dogs. Please read the ethics page if that topic interests you.

While racing was always a highlight and goal of ever season, Whatleigh really lived for the long and adventurous training days that built the team. Fall always started out with small team work and building back the foundations of the relationships that make the team click. Later the teams were put together and the sled runners flew through old and new terrain.

Whatleigh and the team have explored all over Northern New Hampshire, the White Mountains, and Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Giving dogsled rides started out as a way to pay for babysitting so that Whatleigh could still mush her dogs even though she has a toddler. Her daughter, Emma-Lizzie, born 4/15/09, won the Youngest Musher award at the Greenville race in early 2009.

Now offering the dog sledding tours is a way of life for both Whatleigh and the teams. The teams thrive on the extra attention and the adventures doing tours brings. Whatleigh loves offering that special trip for a family, or that exciting tour for a couple looking for a romantic adventure.