Where are the Barking Brook Dog Sled Tours done?

Hi Folks. We wanted to answer a question many people have. Where are our dog sled tours given???

Our dog sled tours and rides are given on trails that are very close to Waterville Valley and Loon Mountain. We also have back-up trails for low-snow conditions and of course, offer customized tours in some circumstances. (see our tour page for more info)

The trails near Waterville Valley and Loon Mountain are in the New Hampshire White Mountains and we have specific permits from the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) to use these trails. They are beautiful and mountainous. Our dogs are very well conditioned for this type of terrain and we have been mushing here for years. They love it and so will you! This is one of our favorite places to dog sled, familiar trails but with ever-amazing views. We look forward to sharing this lovely area and our gorgeous siberian team with you!

Regardless of why you live to get outside and play in the snow; downhill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating, or winter sightseeing - consider adding a Barking Brook Dog Sled Adventure to your vacation! We have tours that fit before, after, or in between any of the activities at Waterville Valley or Loon Mountain.

Mush On!