Emma's Dog Sledding Library

Welcome to my daughter Emma’s library of dog sledding books! My daughter is currently 2 (born 4/15/2009), and most of these books are delightful for her age. I have divided the list to indicate books that are especially good for young kids and some books that she enjoys now but will grow into later.
Of course her favorite stuffed animals are a beagle and a basset hound…go figure.

- Wiggle-Waggle WOOF! Counting Sled Dogs in Alaska Cherie B. Stihler, illustrations Michael Bania. Super cute and FUN FUN FUN to read
- Alaska Sled Dog Puppy Coloring Book
- Running with the Big Dogs - A Sled Dog Puppy Grows up in Alaska Lori Yanuchi, illustrations Wendy Brown

- Wind-Wild Dog Barbara Joosse, illustrations Kate Kiesler. A really touching story of the power of love. A puppy no one chooses from the litter, left behind and growing shy, finally gets a home. A man comes to make friends with her and take her home. He gently brings her out of her shell, teaches her to run in harness and patiently waits for her to choose to love him back.

  • Sled Dogs RUN Jonathan London, illustrations Jon Van Zyle. A the story of a young girl and some puppies that become her first dog sled team.
  • Dog Team Gary Paulson, illustrations Ruth Wright Paulson
  • Kiana’s Iditarod Shelley Gill, illustrations Shannon Cartwright
  • ELIM the Determined Athlete Joan Jackson, illustrated by Robert Ferrin Gilmore
  • Painter and Ugly Robert J. Blake. A really warm story about friendship and young athletes, canine and human. Superb illustrations.
  • Togo Robert J. Blake. The story behind the serum run, but really all about Togo, a world class lead dog.
  • Akiak Robert J. Blake
  • Big Enough Anna - the Little Sled Dog Who Braved the Artic Pam Flowers with Ann Dixon, illustrations Bill Farnsworth. The sweetest story of a darling and REAL sled dog puppy who grows up to be darling, little but most importantly a great lead dog that Pam and the whole team count on. This is a true story and has some exciting moments. The illustrations are so beautiful and convey so much action and emotion.
  • Douggie the playful pup who became a Sled Dog Hero Pam Flowers, illustrations Jon Van Zyle. Another true story featuring one more unlikely hero from Pam’s team. Douggie doesn’t seem like he has the material to be a sled dog much less a leader, but he surprises everyone and becomes a GREAT sled dog and leader. A dog who saves all their lives and has the unique traits needed to complete a long expedition.
  • Where’s the Boss? a dog team alone on Alaska’s Iditarod trail Lois Harter, illustrations David Totten
  • Ahwoooooooo! Yannick Murphy, illustrations Claudio Munoz
  • Danger the Dog Yard Cat Libby Riddles with Shelley Gill, illustrations Shannon Cartwright

- Storm Run - the Story of the First Woman to Win the Iditarod Sled Dog Race Libby Riddles, illustrations Shannon Cartwright
- Granite Susan Butcher, illustrations Sarah Douglas
- How to Talk to Your Dog Jean Craighead George, illustrations Sue Truesdell
- Born To Pull Bob Cary, illustrations Gail de Marcken

Libby Riddles’s website - inspiring stories.
Robert J. Blake’s website - amazing artwork, enjoyable stories.
Pam Flower’s website - her true stories are so wonderful for kids and adults. The artwork in both books is beautiful. She is an amazing woman.
Gary Paulson - publisher created website - Gary has written for kids and adults and is the author of so many of my favorite books about dog sledding. His kids books are beautiful to read out loud. The artwork by his wife is lovely. Here is a wikipedia page Gary Paulson him
Susan Butcher’s website.. - a beautiful woman, so accomplished, passed away too young.
Jon Van Zyle’s website

Not from our bookshelf…but lovely places to visit if you like sled dogs: Artist Pam LacombeConnel