Frequently Asked Questions

How far are you from Boston? We are located in the Lakes Region of NH, just 2 hours from Boston, and do our tours in a 30 mile radius from the kennel. This means Adventure is a lot closer than you thought!!!

How many people per sled/how many sleds do you have? Our double driver sled can take max 2 passengers at a time. There may be some rides were children only participate. We have only one sled and team going out. When a group is larger than 2 we take sequential runs. It’s fun, we promise!!

Do you have insurance? Yes we do have insurance specifically for doing dog sled tours and rides. It is from a great company that specializes in outdoor activities. If you are comparing our prices to other companies and think we are more expensive, this might be one reason why, perhaps they do not have insurance.

Why are the offerings different this year? Our team evolves and there are peaks and drops in the number of dogs we have available. If there are not enough dogs to field 2 full teams our offerings drop to the basic. With less dogs we offer less options in order to maximize fun and our ability to buy dog food. If you are looking for different options we are more than happy to refer you to other great companies we trust. Just let us know!

What do the dogs eat? We feed Annamaet dog food, in the winter the “Ultra” formula and in the off season the “Extra” formula. In the winter the dogs also get raw hamburger (from our farm) and a powdered fat/protien supplement also from Annamaet.

How do you tell them apart? Not only do they all look different to me, they have different barks and howls and some I can tell from their foot steps without looking.

Do you race? Until the advent of this tour business I participated in a few local mid-distance races each year. I am not a hard core racer, I prefer to have fun and make sure my dogs are happy. Now that I have a baby daughter and this tour business I am not planning on any races.

How do you get the dogs in those boxes and are they big enough? The dogs love their boxes. Yes, they are plenty big enough, please stick your head in and check one out (preferably without a dog in there!). When it is time to go in the boxes they dogs get almost as excited as they do for feeding time. They generally put their front paws up and I boost them up. A few of the top box dogs jump or plop into my arms and I pick them up that way.
The boxes are designed to be large enough to be comfy, they can turn around and can either lay longwise or curl up widthwise. They are small enough so that the dogs can keep warm in them on winter nights if we are away and while we are driving places. They are also not overly large to prevent the dogs from slamming around in them. No, they cannot stand up tall, but can you stand up tall in your car?? Can you dance in your car? No, but you are comfortable (hopefully!) in your car!
How do you manage feeding and watering the dogs on tour and training days? The dogs are given baited water, about 1/2 to 1 quart, about 1 hour before they are to run. Sometimes this coincides with when we leave the house, sometimes it coincides with some random section of the journey to get to a trail, sometimes I do it right when we arrive but still 1 hour before running. The team that is not running right away gets a little less water. Dogs will need to pee about 1 hour after drinking, so that is part of the challenge of arranging the day with multiple teams! The dogs then also get smaller quantities of water or very liquidy snacks (Soup) in between some of their runs. After the dogs final run they get another large drink of water (again usually baited water). I usually then wait another hour to feed them their main meal.