BBSDA's beautiful Fall 2011 litter of all white Siberian Husky puppies

The puppies are here!
7 white Siberian Husky puppies born 10/12/10. Pema, age 6, is the mother. The father is Bodhi, age 3. Both are pure bred Siberian Huskies, both are white Siberian Huskies.

We will be keeping several pups. I have found that raising 2 is a comfortable number for me to really make sure I do a good job. But our need for new blood may overcome me. HOWEVER there should be puppies available. We will be looking for active, Siberian savy, loving homes. Please us the contact form to initiate a dialog regarding the process.

Pictures in the above slide show are from when Pema was a puppy and also from when Bodhi was a puppy.