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Sweet Siepa - R.I.P.

Miss W | July 9, 2012 | Updates to Dogs

I have been holding onto our sad news for a few days, but I suppose I better share it. We lost sweet old Siepa on July 2nd. He was 13 years old, which truly is not that old. But he had been ill, and I am thankful his time suffering was very short and he was able to peacefully pass on his own at home. Siepa was an incredibly loving dog, he was generous, devoted, intelligent, hardworking and as loyal and handsome as anyone could ever ask for. I loved him deeply and miss him so much. But in gratitude, appreciation and respect I set his spirit free, though I’d love to bottle it up and wear it about my neck. Travel handsome boy…run far, run strong…dance among the stars. xoxox

ps there is an album of Siepa photos on our facebook page:

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