The Siberian Husky Puppy Litters born at Barking Brook

In honor of Mother’s Day here is a complete list of all the litters/momma dogs (and daddy dogs).

This is a 100% complete list of every litter we have ever had of our own here. We have had Siberians since 1999.

  1. Anuk and Repete
  2. Hera and Sontu
  3. Nikka and Triton
  4. Jeep and Sontu
  5. Snow and Smiley
  6. Rainy and Kipp (Rainy and Kipp also had a litter at Blackwater kennel and we adopted 2 of those pups also)
  7. Pearl and Kubota
  8. Blossom and Smudge
  9. Blossom and Smudge (again)
  10. Pema and Bodhi
  11. Pema and Bodhi (again)
  12. Twizzler and Trouper

We also fostered a litter from 3 days before birth to 8 weeks the summer of 2015. Sweet Sunny was a great mother and a joy to take care of. Lovely babies. Summer of 2016 we fostered Lola and then her litter of all black and white pups. Spring of 2017 we fostered Shiloh and her pups.