A list of Siberian Husky Links

Siberian Husky breeders and kennels

We had our own litter Oct 2011 but want to recognize not only our friends but also the kennels that have influenced and shaped our own.

Alka’siber Siberian Huskies - many of our dogs have Alkas’ber blood running in them!
Blackwater Kennel - no web page :( contact me for info - Blackwater is another kennel ours is heavily based upon. In turn, these dogs are almost all Anadry based.
Sibersong Siberians A racing kennel.
Kelim SiberiansA racing kennel.
Mishawum Kennel, Racing Siberian Huskies A kennel located a little farther south from us.
Braeburn Just over into VT our friends at Braeburn are home to a few of our pups plus a whole lot more pretty Siberians.
Fort Illio Kennels A really sweet mother-daughter pair run these dogs!

Great Races BBSDA used to/wants to race in someday!

The Can Am-my #1 dream race
Aviemore !!- my #2 dream race - kind of far though…all the way to Scotland!
100 Mile Wilderness Race- the 30 miler at this race was the last race the BBSDA dogs and Miss W have done for now.
Stratford Night Hawks Race- always a fun race
Sandwich Notch 60 - best race ever and a great one to take your family to view dog sled racing in action! (many places to watch the racers along the trail)
Eagle Lake 100 + 30 Dog Sled Races
Brownville 30