Our Sled Dog Kennel

There are some qualities about the Barking Brook race team that you may want to know about! We are an ethical and compassionate kennel. You can feel confident that the dogs who work so joyfully are dogs treated with love and respect from birth into happy retirement.

We have this philosophy: we LOVE our dogs for life at Barking Brook. That’s why we have the pleasure of seasoned, intuitive, responsive and well-trained teams. And a cheering squad of happy, healthy retirees. (Our oldest retiree, Blanche, passed away peacefully at almost 18 yrs of age. She was a true friend and companion, sorely missed but respected for her life and the love she gave us.)

At Barking Brook we’ve work with each dog, individually and as a team member, for years and years, creating hard working and people oriented sled dogs from an ethical kennel you can feel good about supporting and cheering on.

This has always been the case, and it is worth mentioning that it is a rarity in both the racing and the touring world. While placing dogs is sometimes a bonus for the dog in that they get a better home, what we do at BB is be that better home. We volunteer for a regional breed rescue and see the many dogs that mushers and families give up. That is just not for us.

We also are truly limited on our breedings. We have never had a litter of puppies for the purpose of raising money. We have litters to add team mates to our teams. Yes, we do occasionally sell puppies. Keeping a whole litter and raising them all is a little too much for us!

We feed an excellent dog food - Annamaet. It costs us nearly 20$ more for a 40 lb bag. Why do we do this? The cheaper options are simply…cheaper. We feel strongly that the quality of the food we feed matters. Our dogs tend to live a long time, 15-16 years. Some longer, 17.8 yrs is our current record. Since most kennels do not keep their dogs for life this type of quality is not apparent to them. It is apparent to us. And we feel proud to feed a food that comes from a small, real company.