Meet the dogs of Barking Brook Sled Dog Teams

We hope you enjoy your visit with the Barking Brook team members! Our team is strong, with pups we raise ourselves. Our retirees stay with us for life, we are 100% committed to our dogs. 14 years of musher experience plus the knowledge passed between dogs and dog generations.

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All Peaceful Zenji yearling team dog

Born: October 15, 2011

Zenji is the darling of my team, a tender hearted sweet boy with the awesome skill and athleticism of his parents. He is such a pleasure to add to the team and introduce to the customers!
Zenji gets to choose his playmates every day in the kennel, just like his siblings, and he always chooses to hang out with the older dogs, and I think this along with his quiet nature speak to his having an old soul. He is beautiful, breathtakingly so. And so wonderful to gently pat and say hello to. I see big things for this little pup in the future!

Blanche The Beautiful Retired leader, rainbow bridge

Born: April 23, 1994

We lost our beautiful Blanche late in the fall of 2012, at the age of 17 and a half.
Blanche was a gorgeous 17 year old gal, retired for many years but was able to go for long walks until she was in her 16th year.  One of my many beautiful all-white Siberians.  When she arrived here at age 9 she brought so much class to our team.  Most important, she really taught me what a leader could do. She was flawless, perceptive, led with confidence and grace and retired with flair. After a career of being PERFECT she suddenly started steering the team where she wanted to go…HOME! She took the shortest route home over and over again, and finally with the help of an animal communicator I got her message. She lived in the house where she received the special attention and appreciation all wonderful old sled dogs deserve.

Blossom The Awesome Team Dog, can also run Lead

Born: June 3, 2007

Blossom is Kubota’s daughter and has his same coloration. She is SUPER cute and loves to be cuddled. In the kennel she is loads of fun and very playful. She is Smudge’s favorite girl and Tart’s mother. Her nicknames include Bossy Blossy, and of course Blossom the Awesome. She is a real gentle soul, an easy dog to love and hug. She gets her mellowness from her mother Pearl, who many folks have fallen in love with. Blossom patiently waits to get the same fanfare. She is also the dog who waits most patiently to get running, the one dog who looks cool as a cucumber. She is like a tractor versus a race car. She knows she can do the job and does not have to show off revving her engine! If she were a tractor she would be a Sassy massy for sure!

Bodhi The Boisterous Lead Dog

Born: May 18, 2007

Bodhi is a big handsome cutie, very affectionate and happy. But most importantly: skilled and confident leading the team. He has a true work ethic that involves not only 100% effort but also a desire to please and do the right thing. He is also an obedience dog, his summer participation in AKC Rally trials earned him a Rally Obedience title. He accomplished that with ease, he truly likes “work” of all kinds. He is the father of our 7 youngsters: Bonzo, Zenji, Ziva and Willie and the littlest pups Salt, Twizzler and Pixie!

Bridget The Bouncy Team Dog

Born: May 18, 2007

Bridget is a pretty girl with tons of personality. She is sweet-tempered but lives to run and wants to be up front!  She loves to play with her pals in the kennel and gets along with anyone.  She is the most like her mother, Rainy, of all my Rainy kids.  She loves letting loose sweet songs from her delicate muzzle. We all love planting kisses on that same little muzzle! She is such a good girl, it is a pleasure to put her up front knowing she has the speed, brains and desire to get the team going down the trail. Get to know her and you will be in touch with a joyful and gentle spirit.

Darka The Darling Retired Lead Dog, Rainbow Bridge

Born: November 17, 2001

Darka was a sweet and calm girl with a dark sable coat. She was extremely pretty and well behaved. She loved to go to obedience classes or show handling classes. She did tap dances for her favorite people and lavishly waged her tail. Unlike people, she never held a grudge and still loved her first owners though they returned her when she was several years old. When she ran in team she was very enthusiastic and would spank the ground with her feet and let out a few barks and all the dogs know it was time to go. She was beautiful to watch work, she moved flawlessly. She is missed greatly by myself and my little daughter. We are so lucky to have had her grace our lives.

Denali The Delightful Retired Team Dog

Born: October 31, 2000

Denali is a gorgeous, fluffy and thick-coated grey girl.  She is delightful and a luxury to pat, cuddle and play with.  She has such a sassy look to her, though she is a classic beauty.  She is the howl starter of my kennel, stamping her cute feet on top of her dog house and letting out staccato yips. She is an extraordinarily good girl and though retired and a little old she is still playful and happy and plush!

Grandma Anuk Rainbow Bridge

Born: April 28, 1999

Anuk retired long ago and despite being very boisterous was actually lazy and loving retirement. She was a sweet and funny old gal who looooved her food. She was the very first Siberian I ever picked out and adopted. Anuk had our first litter and 4 out of her 8 puppies lived here: Kubota, Darka, Emma-Leigh and Triton. All handsome lovable dogs. I call her grumpy Grandma because she never had time for puppies, and she was our first dog to become a grandmother. But she really was very tolerant of small humans, who she thought had much better manners than puppies!

Hakka The Handsome Rainbow Bridge

Born: March 31, 2001

Hakka was a very big handsome boy.  He was a boy in a puppy suit, very huggable and lovable.  He was good as gold.  He worked so hard in harness that sometimes if he took a wee break the team thought I had hit the brakes. (He was aptly named after a serious snow tire!)  He was easily as strong as 3 normal huskies.  He was my gentle giant. When we lost him to wherever the best dogs go our hearts broke open.

Java Bean The Joyful Team Dog

Born: June 9, 2005

Java Bean is a totally joyful boy. He is white like his his siblings, but he prefers to stay clean.  He loves to run in harness and also to be shown in the AKC conformation ring. He loves attention and to be sung to, he is very affectionate.  In Whatleigh’s fantasy world, he played the part of BOLT in the movie of the same title. Java Bean is one of the strongest dogs on the team and seems to have unlimited energy, he couldn’t have been given a more perfect name! When he was a puppy I thought he was small round and uplifting! I didn’t know just HOW perky this guy would grow up to be. He is a great asset to the team.

Kubota the Cuddler Lead Dog

Born: November 17, 2001

Kubota is the handsome fellow I think of as the poster boy of my kennel. He is very cuddly. His dark sable coat and beautiful parti-eyes are a treasure. Anyone who takes the time to get to know him is rewarded with some serious leaning and possibly with him squishing into your lap! He is an excellent leader, very excited to do his part. These days he often runs just behind the younger leaders as a backup in case they forget commands. Now that he is a bit older he is willing to coach those youngsters and let them shine. But we still have great adventures with him in lead too. Kubota is also a dog I really enjoy showing in the AKC conformation ring. He moves out beautifully and I always feel really proud to accompany such a handsome dog around the ring. He is the father of Blossom and Boomer.

Nikka The Wise Lead Dog

Born: June 15, 1999

Nikka is a wise-beyond-her-years black and white girl.  She may be retiring before this next season but I cannot think of any of my favorite mushing adventures without warm thoughts of her.  Nikka is the smartest and most trustworthy lead dog I have ever run.  She has always been rock solid with her commands, but more than that she has the ability to keep her head and do the right thing no matter what it is ~ new terrain, new trail, or a new challenge. She is one of the original team members at Barking Brook.

Pearl The Perfect Team Dog

Born: December 5, 2002

Pearl is a lovely grey and white girl who I often refer to as “perfect”. She is a hard working sled dog, tender mother to her pups, fun obedience dog (funny too…sometimes choosing someone else to be obedient too in class!) and fabulous snuggler.  She can run anywhere on the team including lead.  She has lovely manners in the house, on the team and the kennel.  She is the mother to Blossom and Boomer.

Pema The Prettiest Team Dog

Born: June 9, 2005

Pema is a gorgeous white girl with a creamy thick coat.  She is sweet and polite but don’t pass her by without petting her!  She loves to have her nose kissed.  She is an excellent worker and would be a great leader except that she likes to run on the left hand side of the trail.  She was named after Pema Chodron, a buddhist nun.

Rainy The Happiest Team Dog, retired Lead Dog

Born: March 8, 2001

Rainy was the lead for our team until 2009 when she retired to point position.  She is pretty, dainty and delightful. She is the mother of 2 fabulous litters of puppies.  Her puppies at BB are Java Bean, Pema, Bridget and Bodhi.  She loves babies of all sorts and often stays in the house to help me tend our human baby, Emma-Lizzie.

Siepa The Soulful Team Dog, can also run Lead

Born: June 15, 1999

Siepa is a soulful boy. He is a handsome black and white fellow with eyes like warm cocoa.  He is smart, gentle, and loves to be cuddled.  However in harness he is very intense. He can be counted on to bring the team home from any position and takes his work very seriously. He is one of the original team members at Barking Brook. I never ran him in lead until one day I realized he had learned his turn commands solidly. Now he gets to run up front on occasion, though the responsibility seems to weigh heavily on him.

Super Smudge Team Dog

Smudge: cuddles like a lap dog, blazes a trail like a jet, wags like a happy hound! Smudgie is a handsome devil, dark sable with wild parti-eyes.  He has a zillion nicknames, more than any dog in the kennel.  He is a great little sled dog, hard working and happy.  But he has other talents too…he can wiggle his eyebrows!  He is also a great cuddler. He is a thief - of hearts! He will find a way to steal yours, be is tickling you with kisses or batting his eye lashes at you. He is fun to hug, always gives a big smile and a long gentle gaze. Sometimes I just grab hold of his cute paws and let him have my undivided attention just because he asked for it. Why not? You only live once. Smudge is a sure fire worker on the dog sled tour team. His enthusiasm to take off (yipping, jumping in the air, wagging his tail furiously) is easy to see. He often runs next to his pretty daughter little Sweet Tart. They make a nice pair with their wildly marked faces and dark coats. Lovely!

Tart The Tender Team Dog

Tart is a cute little girl who has loads of personality (that might be plural…).  I expect great things of this tiny wearer of many nicknames (Tartlette, Sweet Tart…)  Tart was named after the desert Treacle Tart.  She is much like her father, Smudge, full of life and hilarious sounds. Lately she is reminding me of the little dragon Iskierka in the Temeraire book series.

Triton The Intrepid Team Dog

Born: November 17, 2001

Triton is possibly the softest and plushest dog I have ever met.  His golden undercoat is like a cloud, and I cannot pass a day without burying my face in his forehead and kissing him.  Triton loves to run in harness but we have to be careful of warm temperatures because of his heavy coat.

Tula The Terrific Team Dog, can also run Lead

Born: July 23, 2003

Tula is a big, gorgeous gray girl.  Her beautiful brown eyes melt your heart and her pretty coat and tail are sexier than a little black dress. She is an invaluable team member, hard puller and no nonsense sled dog. She is smart and opinionated so therefore challenging but rewarding to work with in obedience. She has competed in AKC Rally trials and completed her Rally Novice degree summer of 2010.   If she were a human she would have played rugby for sure!  She is very physical, springing up and down from her large dog house with incredible power.  All this energy translates to a great dog to have on the trail.

Turbo the Super Charged Team Dog

Born: December 5, 2002

Turbo is a special boy. He lost sight in one of his eyes fairly young, but did not let that slow him down.  He is a big cuddly bear and also an extremely hard working and fast dog.  He gives 100% when the team is working, and lies down in a puddle when the team is stopped.  He will even tip his water bowl to make a puddle if necessary. Turbo is one of those super cute boys with gorgeous head and pretty coat.

Twinkle The Twinkliest Lead Dog, Team Dog

Born: December 5, 2002

Twinkle is a stunning black and white girl. She loves to be adored, which happens a lot. She is easy for kids to pet and she is gentle and quiet about cuddling. She loves to run and has been a leader for many years, now also running in team too. She is very strong and focused at her work. She loves her special people and her dog friends and plays like a puppy.  Twinkle has taken advanced obedience classes but never competed.  She has a special connection with her musher, Whatleigh, and sometimes the two of them communicate on the trail without spoken words. She has overcome a lot and is an incredibly special girl.

Ziva the Diva yearling, leader in training

Born: October 15, 2011

Ziva is a little darling dynamo. She is one of Pema’s super puppies, born to run and born darn-tooting-cute. She is a great worker and has wonderful lead potential we are working on. She also has the cutest LITTLEST ears…so tiny and adorable!!!
She was the only girl in her litter so she is a tom-boy at heart, rough and tumble and runs around at top speed in the kennel tempting all to play with her at her favorite games. In the team she is such a hard worker, and at the truck she loves gentle hugs and pats from all our customers.