What People Awere Saying About Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures' Sled Dog Rides and Tours in New Hampshire!

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING TOURS. We are proud of the joy and adventure we were able to share with customers for 4 years.

“Dear Whatleigh,
Your love for those dogs was truly sincere and from your heart. You treated those dogs with respect, warmth and not only love, but friendship. The dogs love to please you because YOU respect them. That’s what made the ride so special. With my equestrian background, I understand the teamwork between a human and an animal, and that was truly teamwork at it’s best.

You should be so proud of yourself and your wonderful amazing team of dogs, you truly have a gift and I am so fortunate that you shared it with my husband and I. You have not seen the last of us, we will be up for another ride and more kisses and cuddles from your pups!”

Take care and see you again!!!!
Kerri and Christopher

“I had the best time with Whatleigh and her dogs at Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures over the weekend. It was quite possibly the best thing I’ve done in New England in the 32 years I’ve lived here. The dogs are beautiful, the location and experience is wonderful and Whatleigh is such a great host and guide! If you haven’t gone dogsledding in New England than you haven’t lived!!!!” - Derek

“Whatleigh your dogs are the cutest, friendliest pups! Derek and I had so much fun during our outing last week. Thanks for sharing your passion with us :)” Anna

“Fun and safe dog sledding with an experienced musher and beautiful, friendly, hard working dogs who love it just as much, if not more, than the humans ;). If you even had a thought about doing something like this, just do it. You will wonder why you waited so long.” - Margaret

“This is a one-of-a-kind experience. I bought 30-minute rides for my kids and their cousins for Christmas and they absolutely loved it. It was a freezing cold day, but we bundled them up and they were so excited they didn’t even seem to notice (and certainly didn’t complain about) the cold & wind. The dogs are fantastically adorable and very enthusiastic. My husband and I can’t wait to go back and it give it a try ourselves. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone. The backdrop of snow and mountains was breathtaking. Overall, this was a memorable morning and a Christmas present well worth giving. Memories last a lifetime (if you’re lucky) but plastic toys (even electronics) don’t!”

“My six year old daughter and I went on a fall dog sled adventure with Whatleigh and had the best time. When we arrived at the meeting point Whatleigh showed us the set up for how we would be riding on the back of the ATV to be pulled by the dogs. The smile on my daughter’s face watching the dogs get ready to go was priceless.

The trip lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, but the time flew by. The area we traveled through was very hilly so it was interesting to see what the dogs can do and the subtle way Whatleigh tells them where to go. We were able to see beautiful forest land and a number of spots allowed for us to see the whole White Mountain range.

After the trip was over the dogs were so calm and mellow that we were able to pet them and snuggle with them. My daughter spent so much time snuggling with the dogs that when it was time to leave she cried because she was going to miss the dogs.

Whatleigh was a wonderful guide and answered all of our questions and spent special time with my dughter to make her feel comfortable and make sure she had a great time.

We can’t wait to take a winter dog sled trip with Whatleigh and her team!” - Jennifer T

“The day was a new adventure for us. We are so happy we went with Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures. Whatleigh and her team of dogs were wonderful.” - Carol

“We had a awesome experience on our 2 rides this past Saturday…first my husband and 16 yr old son went first and then my 12 year old daughter and myself….we had the best time riding in the fresh air seeing these beautiful dogs lead us. Whatleigh and her dogs made us feel right at home…the dogs are very well taken care of, well trained and love there owner. You will never find a person who takes such great care of a large group of dogs such as this and does so with such great love for the animals. Whatleigh is expains everything so both kids and adults have a great time…we all hated to leave to go home…we could have stayed all day and play with the dogs!!! I would recommend this for any time of the year, fall or winter…we are hoping to go again this winter for another adventure!!!!” -

“SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you very much for a desperately needed day of excitement! The dogs were great and you are a wonderful guide/teacher! I haven’t had a complete mental break in years~ a dogsled ride was a perfect way to make me feel young and wild again!! Thank you Mrs. W, I will be back!!!” - Jenn

“A day trip beyond our expectations, nature at it’s best. I’m not sure who had more fun, us or the dogs ! They could barely contain their excitement, and then as soon as they start to run, complete silence. It’s not just about the ride, my family learned so much about the dogs. Whatleigh is knowlegable, kind, and a professional dedicated to her team. My whole family enjoyed this trip, great memories.” - Lynne

“My husband and I went on a mushing tour with Whatleigh and her crew of pups on Monday. What I great day! You will not find a group of happier dogs! With or without snow I would highly recommend this to anyone and plan on scheduling to go again next time we’re back in NH. Both Whatleigh and her pack of adorable huskies were a pleasure. Remember to dress warm!” - Amanda


“Thanks again for a great dog sled ride! The kids are still talking about it as the best part of their trip!” - Shana

“My husband and I went on a mushing tour with Whatleigh and her crew on Monday. What I great day! With or without snow I would highly recommend this to anyone and plan on scheduling to go again next time we’re back in NH. Both her and her pack of adorable huskies were a pleasure!” - Amanda

“You will not find happier more loved dogs ANYWHERE! If you are up for a true adventure then plan a trip to New Hampshire~!” - Bec

“If you want to experience real adventure plan a mushing tour with Mrs. W. this winter” - Sandra